Inge glas

Sternkrönchen® - Star Crown®
The Sternkrönchen® or Star Crown® trademark is internationally protected and guarantees top quality and the living tradition of unique mouth-blown and hand-decorated glass Christmas tree decorations from Inge's Christmas Decor

We love Christmas!
The celebration to top all celebrations, a yearning for warmth and security, peace and good cheer, promise and fulfilment.
The festively adorned Christmas tree is the key to creating an atmosphere of harmony and contemplation. When the sparkle of our ornaments is reflected in the shining eyes of those gathered around, Christmas is here! It is both our pledge and our heartfelt desire to preserve this radiance and to rekindle it afresh year after year.

No future without a past!
It is both our duty and our passion to respect values such as tradition, quality and reliability coupled with environmental awareness and responsibility, in particular towards the people of this region and to our own history.
Design and expertise
Our glassworking expertise is drawn from a centuries-old tradition of skilled workmanship, a sensitivity to the material, the use of the best possible materials, the commitment of our employees, and the high quality standards to which we submit ourselves and all of our products throughout all stages of production.